Robert P. (Bobby) Vichich

Managing Director, USA

>>>>Robert P. (Bobby) Vichich

Bobby Vichich is the Managing Director, USA for Asset Performance Networks, based out of the company’s office in Houston, Texas. Bobby boasts over twenty years of professional experience in the petrochemical industry, including employment with Exxon, ExxonMobil, and Lyondell Equistar.

Bobby is responsible for the professional delivery of AP-Networks’ turnaround services, ensuring that these services reflect the company’s commitment to add value to client operations, and that they are repeatable, defendable, and delivered in a high quality fashion.

Since joining AP-Networks in 2005, Bobby has conducted over two dozen turnaround assessments and strategic consultations each year. These assessments and consultations have taken many forms, including Turnaround Assist Programs (T-AP©), schedule optimization engagements, leadership engagements with site steering and strategy teams, and strategy discussions focused on developing and implementing large-scale turnaround improvement initiatives.

Bobby is a recognized expert in the petrochemical industry, with particular expertise in turnaround preparation methodologies, best planning and scheduling practices, and emerging turnaround management principles. Bobby’s status as an industry thought leader is evidenced by his regular participation and chairmanship at industry turnaround conferences, and by his published articles in industry periodicals such as Oil and Gas Journal.

Prior to joining AP-Networks in 2005, Bobby’s experience at Exxon, ExxonMobil, and Lyondell Equistar spanned various roles in planning, scheduling, controls, and execution management, as well as a stint in corporate recruitment. He has been a member of both technical and line management teams, and has led a corporate benchmarking study team tasked with defining the next generation of turnaround performance metrics.

Bobby holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech.

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