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Storage Tank Work Process for NaviTrack

Sites are now able to leverage the power of NaviTrack to manage their storage tank outages. The features and functionality that have made NaviTrack an Industry standard have been combined with the ability to license the AP-Networks Tank Outage work process. The AP-Networks Tank Outage work process takes a two-pronged approach, accounting for both the

February 14th, 2017|News, News & Insights|

How Do We Set a Competitive Five-Year Turnaround Plan with Reliable Estimates?

Solution Employed Benchmarking and Predictive Analytics Service Employed Turnaround Scope Benchmarking and Early Conceptual Benchmarking (ECB) Benefits Achieved • Establishment of a competitive and realistic long-range turnaround plan • Analysis of how early cost, schedule, scope, and labor estimates compared to Industry average and top quartile performers •

How do we build stakeholder alignment for a megaproject?

Solution Employed Capital Projects Service Employed Project Excellence and Assurance Consulting (PEAC) Benefits Achieved • An actionable plan, complete with required activities, was developed to build alignment between a large group of stakeholders • Business objectives for the project were clarified • Stakeholders gained the requisite knowledge to overcome roadblocks

January 27th, 2017|Capital Projects Case Study, Case Studies, News & Insights|