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What We Do

Asset Performance Networks is the trusted leader for improving asset and operational performance in petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide. We work with our client’s most critical assets—their people, processes, and production facilities—in order to help them achieve safe, competitive, predictable outcomes on their high-risk events—namely capital projects and turnarounds.

Since our company began, we’ve prided ourselves on providing actionable solutions that go beyond mere academic assessments. These solutions are a powerful hybrid of software as a service (SaaS) and consulting expertise that together generate measurable results.

Our consultants hail from a broad range of disciplines across Industry. They are internationally recognized leaders and experts in project management, turnaround management, operations, benchmarking, risk management, and more. Their expertise is supported by our licensable suite of web-based project and turnaround management tools. These tools allow organization leaders to see event status at a glance, and provide the means for site teams to track progress and alignment.

Among these tools, NaviTrack stands out as an Industry standard. A web-based work process deployment tool, it is currently in use at over 30 companies and more than 200 refineries, chemicals plants, gas plants, and offshore facilities across the globe.

Our tools and processes are based on Industry best practices identified using the AP-Networks Turnaround Database, the AP-Networks Capital Project Database, and the AP-Networks Upstream Turnaround Database. These databases contain information from more than 2,000 projects and turnarounds from the exploration and production, refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Combined with the expertise of our consultants, these databases are a powerful tool linking demonstrated practices with measurable outcomes.

AP-Networks is the Industry’s knowledge network, and our depth of experience and insight is unmatched. Since our founding, we’ve focused on improving the state of Industry knowledge, and propelling project and turnaround performance to new heights. Industry leaders not only recognize the AP-Networks brand, they insist on our company’s involvement in their most critical improvement initiatives.

Our Clients

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Our Leadership

George N. DeBakey Jr.

Managing Director

Brett R. Schroeder

Managing Director

John M.G. Alkemade

Managing Director, EMEA

Todd Austin

Vice President,
Technology and
Software Engineering

Shawn Hansen

VP, Research, Benchmarking,
and Predictive Analytics

Sonia Kaestner

Managing Director,
Latin America

Pete Kwiatkowski

Managing Director,
AP-Networks Asia Pacific

Mike O’Kane

Managing Director,
Asset Performance Canada

Dan Morlang

Vice President,

Robert P. (Bobby) Vichich

Managing Director, USA

Our Senior Staff

Carl Breidy


Jill Busch

Administrative Manager

Alan Cajueiro


John Camp

Senior Consultant

Ken Campbell

Subject Matter Expert –
Turnaround Assessment and
Risk Based Scope Review (RBSR)

Nathan Centofanti

Manager, Benchmarking
and Data Services

Hallett Connor


Qi Cui

Junior Analyst

Bart De Weert

Senior Consultant

Ryan Egli


Mimi Eshetu

Manager, Implementation

Mohamad Fakhouri


T.J. Felts


Joel Godfrey

Practice Area Leader, VCAP

Chuck Greco

Subject Matter Expert

Brad Harris

Manager, Customized Solutions

John A. Hunter

Subject Matter Expert –
Planning and Scheduling

Steve Jewell

Risk Management
Practice Leader

Anne Hollonds

Senior Consultant

Josh Kise


Gordon Lawrence

Practice Area Manager, Major
Capital Project Consulting

Cynthia Lopez

Intellectual Property Solutions

Tom Mankowski

Senior Consultant

Ken McLean

Senior Consultant

Chris Miller


Laurie Milligan

Senior Consultant

Kevin Murphy

Subject Matter Expert

Rich Peltier

Subject Matter Expert –
Capital Projects

Kaija Penley

Instructional Designer

Daniel Phan


Frank W. Pickell

Subject Matter Expert –
Turnarounds and Projects

Thashen Pillay

Senior Consultant

Dave Powell

Senior Consultant

Arturo Retamozo

Senior Consultant

Phil Richer

Senior Consultant

Mark Schuh

Subject Matter Expert –
Turnaround Assessment

Ernie Schutt

Subject Matter Expert

Pete Shirley

Practice Area Manager,
Turnaround Consulting

Jason Switzer

Senior Consultant

Lindsey Swonke

Manager, TINC

Craig Small

Senior Consultant

Chet Unruh

Subject Matter Expert –
Risk Based Scoping and
Turnaround Assessment

Leon van Hout

Senior Consultant

Ben van Roij

Senior Consultant

Grant West

Subject Matter Expert

John Zhao

Subject Matter Expert – Risk
Management & Capital Projects

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